Monday, November 22, 2010

Long Weekend

Another lock, another bridge and another few hours of motoring and we were through the Dismal Swamp and into the Pasqoutank River. Cypress trees lined the banks, their trunks spreading down into the water.

And since I know you all loved the reflection photos... here's another one from the swamp. 

Just after noon on Saturday we arrived in Elizabeth City. We walked the two miles to the grocery store to do some shopping and someone from the store gave us a lift back to the wharf. Elizabeth City prides itself on being boater friendly going out of their way to make things accessible to passing sailors. The guy who drove us back to the boat was a local college kid who coaches the middle school wrestling team. (FYI: He's optimistic about the teams upcoming season.... their first match is Tuesday.)

Moon over Elizabeth City
The two boats that transited the swamp with us have tied up at the city dock for the night too. We made some friends and met up for dinner with the crew of one of the boats, Isabella. The crew is a mother and son who just last week wrapped up their land life (sold the house, cars and all belongings) and are off on a two year adventure with plans to spend time in Central America and transit the Panama Canal. Isabella is 27’ long, with no oven and no shower below. We feel spoiled on Saralane. A son/brother of this duo recently opened a restaurant in Charleston called “Graze” and if we’re able to get there when we’re in Charleston we’ll stop in with greetings for the chef/son/brother from the crew of Isabella. I forgot to mention the third crew member on Isabella.... Admiral Cunningham. He's a really, really small dog who thinks he's a really really big dog. 

The crew of the other boat, Illusion, is an enthusiastic young couple that we’ve come to refer to as ‘the kids’. Their boat is a project that’s not nearly as far along as Saralane and again we feel spoiled. We have some painting, carpentry and electrical work still to do, a cockpit table to build and a few other things – but otherwise we’re in pretty good shape. Everyone is heading in the same direction, at least for a while, so we’re sure meet up from time to time along the way.

Early Sunday we left Elizabeth City and made our way across the Albemarle Sound and into the Alligator River. It’s flat calm and I can’t resist a few photos…

There are a few boats anchored north of us, but we’re all alone at anchor in an 8’ deep spot just off the river…. I photograph the evening sky... 

...but only Skip sees Monday's sun rise. I’m working on becoming a morning person, but I’m not there yet.

Skip's sunrise photo!

Today's ride was uneventful with little wind and more opportunities for reflection pix. I think I'll call it "Channel Marker with Grill". Not to worry... I'm already getting tired of taking photos like this.

We're anchored all by our lonesome in a deep spot outside the Gale Creek channel. The minute we dropped the anchor we were swarmed by big skinny (hungry?!) mosquitos. Ack! We closed off the companionway with only a few of the hungry buggers getting in, and then realized that we'd neglected to turn on the propane that we'll need if we want to cook tonight. The propane is under the seats.... at the stern... outside... past the mosquitos. Bummer. 

Coordinates of the mosquito infested anchorage: 
35° 12.6 North
76° 35.5 West

The plan is to pick up our sail tomorrow in Oriental, then we'll start thinking about cooking for Thanksgiving!


Eliza said...

Nice sunrise picture Dad! I have the pleasure (not) of watching the sun rise every morning too. Except I don't have awesome water views.

Leslie said...

Thanks for the coordinates. I'm having trouble figuring out how you got to where you are from the Albermarle sound. And how will you get to Oriental from where you are?

I'm looking forward to photos of the new sail going up! And seeing it in action. Will you be in the Pamlico sound? It looks big enough to sail around on.

By-the-way, I heard you're going to be having a crab cake Thanksgiving. Not really traditional, but I don't think you'll be doing much that's traditional this year.

Have fun with the new sail.


Anonymous said...

Some familiar sounding names of places your seeing.David And Pat

Anonymous said...

I love how Leslie is trying to sound "all sailer like"..........not to worry though Leslie, even if you don't see how they're going.........whevever they're going, they're getting there by WATER!!!!