Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bahama bound

After two weeks in Coconut Grove trying to sort out things back home we finally got going again. We still haven’t sorted things out at home…. but we also realize that we could stay stuck in one place endlessly trying to wrap things up.
Passion Flowers... we walked past this wall of them on our errands

We did lots of chores and made a few pilgrimages to Home Depot and West Marine – both easy to get to on foot. We almost found some new crew – but sadly they were too young for us to take along to the Bahamas. No kitties under 6 months old allowed….. these two are only 7 weeks old.

Yesterday afternoon we moved from Dinner Key (Coconut Grove) just across Biscayne Bay and anchored off Key Biscayne for the night. Dolphins, who wisely avoided swimming around the mooring field, are all around us here and it’s good to see them again. We can see Stiltsville out in Biscayne Bay… deserted now and sort of spooky looking. 

We left Miami in our wake and are finally heading across to the Bahamas....


Kim said...

You are SO going to end up with a cat, aren't you?? :-)

Madeline said...

Hopefully! (Maybe two... if they're small)

Kim said...

Loving that!