Wednesday, March 23, 2011

More Mahi

I’d like to promise that I won’t post a photo of every fish we catch… but I can’t quite commit to that yet. It’s still pretty exciting. We caught this one today on the way from Georgetown to Calabash Bay at the north end of Long Island.

It’s only our second catch since we started out (not counting the two lobsters we speared a week ago) and we’ve improved a bit on our previous frenzy of reeling in, gaffing, dosing with vodka or rum, cleaning and bagging for the fridge and freezer. The back of the boat looked like a murder scene after the first catch.

Before we left Georgetown we stopped at the fruit and veggie guy’s truck outside a local market. He has a farm in Barraterre at the north end of Great Exuma and he brings his produce to town twice a week. We bought two huge papayas and some fresh tomatoes. Unlike the magic seedless papayas from Tasha’s mama’s tree in Little Farmers Cay these are full of seeds... but they’re just as sweet.

We’re taking off in the morning… there’s a good weather opportunity to make the two day passage to the Turks and Caicos and we’re hoping to be there in time to visit with our friends Jim and Heidi who will be there trying to forget about all the snow back home.

It’s goodbye to the Bahamas for now…. but we’ll be back.


Miles said...

Some of us would like a promise that you WILL post a picture of every fish you catch. And your rig! Hopefully you put the vodka bottle on a tether this time...Maddy.

Madeline said...

That's all the encouragement I need.... I'll try to post a shot of every catch! Photo of 'the rig' (pretty fancy name for a piece of fishing line hooked to some shock cord) will be in an upcoming post.

I managed to hold onto the bottle this time. Practice practice....

(Oops... I'm having a little trouble with the comments here - sorry about the deleted one! I didn't mean to delete it.)

jws1956 said...

Nice fish. I'm with Miles, post them all. You both look great and very happy! It snowed here this morning so I'd say you're headed the right direction.

Cindy Barnard said...

Whoa...that was exciting. I've heard sailors say that sailing is hours of boredom mixed with moments of terror but I thought that was when you were ON the boat. Keep a life jacket on Mr. Wonderful there. BTW that was some beautiful beach. Much love to you.