Thursday, January 12, 2012

Stop Having Fun

I've been hearing some complaints lately that it's frankly becoming a little annoying to see us happy, healthy, relaxed and having fun all the time. Well, we put a stop to all that silliness with a trip to the emergency room on Monday here in St. John.

The trip was prompted by my increasing inability to breath over the course of the weekend. I thought it was asthma related, but when my rescue inhaler failed to help I realized I needed some medical attention quickly. It reinforced how much longer it takes to get somewhere when you're going there by boat.

Apparently Mondays at the clinic here are the busiest days (plus it was a full moon which brings out the crazy in everyone and increases traffic at the clinic) but you can't plan for these things so we spent much of the day there. Diagnosis: some random inflammation of the lungs from some unknown irritant. We left with prescriptions that require abstaining from alcohol and staying out of the sun and instructions to come back if I still can't breathe in a week.

Happy now?!


Leslie said...

Hey Goober. Are you feeling any better yet? The Prednisone should help pretty quickly.

I'll take lovely beach photos over pill bottle photos any day!

Feel better soon.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry to read this. You did look like you were having a great time. Take care of yourself.


Miles said...

Are you referring to people like me? Maybe you have breathing too many fumes from your snaft raft. But seriously,hope the meds help and you are on the mend. Keep us posted, please.

Sylvia said...

I agree with Leslie. I'd rather see your pictures of beautiful scenery and interesting creatures (you and Skip included here), even if all the sun and fun makes me envious from time to time. Did I mention that it just snowed in St. Louis? Hope you're on the mend and back to posting soon. yfss

Kim said...

Maddie - I hope you're feeling better. Back to normal?? Check your email for a message from me...xoxoxo