Wednesday, July 18, 2012

High and Dry

I was tempted to just repost last August's blog post 'Abandoned Ship' instead of doing a new post, but I can at least add in the photos of our last stop at Long Bay on Virgin Gorda. We spent a few nights here in the lee of Mountain Point, where the bottom is sand, sand and more sand but for a fringe of reef right along the shoreline. It's a beautiful spot and one that's only tenable in the summer months when there's no north swell likely. 

Saralane seen from our snorkeling point of view
Did I mention it was all sand here?
We procrastinated as long as we could, then headed into the Yacht Harbor for our haul out. 

The captain still keeps watch
Saralane gets a power wash
Skip and Maurice once again try to figure out how to fix the *%@# centerboard.
We let our food supply dwindle as we get close to hauling out so our meals are pretty meager at the end. Anything perishable we have left goes to the folks in the yard. Sadly we had to give away a big bag of chocolate chips this year, but we extracted a promise from the happy recipient, of chocolate chip cookies upon our return.

Haul out lunch.
Right about here is where I'd insert the rest of the photos from last August's haul out.... so I'll wait a few minutes if you want to go take a look.

Finished? OK... here's where Saralane sat when we left for the ferry to head back to the states for a few months of work, family, friends, plentiful water, flush toilets, air conditioning and countless other things we don't have and don't miss (except family and friends) living aboard Saralane.

I hate to leave with a photo of Saralane high and dry, so here's a shot from our last anchorage. Maybe this year while we're back we'll get around to those blog posts about the renovation of Saralane.....


Cindy Barnard said...

Ohhh, that last shot of Saralane's bow in the unbelievably beautiful water was gorgeous.
Seeing her out of the water is hard...but maybe she is happy for a little rest. Think your timing is good. The disgusting, draining humidity seems to be getting ready to move OUT for those of us on the east coast. We will all be applauding. See you in August. xoxo

Kim said...

Maddie - this year seemed to end sooner for you?? Love the final pic. I can't imagine your transition from Saralane to what I'll call "land life." OMG...I think I'd rather be afloat as well. Much love to you. Be in touch when you get back on land! Love you!

danbarnardjr said...

Yes, yes! We want more blogging about the renovation! Pictures, the whole story. We can never get enough of the chainsaw!