Thursday, July 9, 2015

At home in Mountain Point

It's been like winter here in June and July here as far as the trade winds are concerned, so we've been biding our time in the BVI before heading east to St Martin. The winds have been in the 20+ range and the seas too big for my taste, and besides, we're in no hurry. We've practically moved into Mountain Point in Virgin Gorda and stray only when we need food/water or decent wifi... or a dip in the killer pool at the YCCS.

Skip in the killer pool at the YCCS
Guys take advantage of the quiet season and have a photo session with fun toys near the fuel dock in Leverick Bay 
Big lobster comes out of hiding in Mountain Point
We started to feel a little guilty about not going anywhere, after all, isn't part of the beauty of living on a boat supposed to be that you can move around? So off we went to Savannah Bay. After a few days there we decided that part of the beauty of living on a boat is indeed that you can move around... but, that you really don't have to go anywhere if you're happy where you are.

Don't get me wrong, Savannah Bay is lovely. The beaches slope gently into the water, there's good snorkeling and baby lemon sharks to watch swimming along the shore this time of year. You can walk to Spanish Town or just walk inland from the beach far enough to see the crashing waves on the windward side. It's a local beach so there are usually kids and parents playing together which gives it a nice energy. It's just that we were used to having lots of space around us in Mountain Point, and here....

Hi neighbor! 
We were sandwiched in between different combinations of power boats from Puerto Rico at various times during the time we were here. There was one other boat in the anchorage and when these guys showed up they promptly left. We felt like the "Up House" squeezed in between big buildings. There were loads of kids on board with parents and grandparents and we gave them our usual hello waves when they arrived. They were pretty subdued when they greeted us and seemed a bit sheepish about squeezing us out, but we figured out why the next day. We left in the morning to go to Spanish Town and planned to come back and anchor here again, but instead of just the two rafted up boats there were about five rafted up plus a few more anchored around them. Fair enough... so off to Mountain Point we went once again. 

Saralane gets the squeeze from sportfishers that blasted over from Puerto Rico for a long weekend
John H's view of Saralane's spot in the bay
We take John H ashore and give him some overdue TLC
Lots of warnings 
Gulls stand atop the cairns in the shallow water
Patterns in the sand from rain and surf

Lots of development on Virgin Gorda.... this modern house is enormous and building continues off to the right
After being back "home" in Mountain Point for a few days, we discovered that a new batch of squid had taken up residence under the boat. We snorkeled around them daily and each day a few more had joined the group. I think they got more used to seeing us and when a big splashy dive into the water caught them off guard the water was suddenly filled with their black ink. Pretty funny.

Squid don't like surprises

On high alert

Snorkeling over the reef in Mountain Point
Close up of previous coral

What there is to see under the sea

Saralane's anchor chain and snubber tied with rolling hitch

Lots of squid living under the boat 
Rumor has it that the winds will be letting up over the next two days so we've cleared out of the BVI with plans to head east tomorrow. We'll see how it goes.


Dana Greyson said...

Nice to catch up with our blog finally! We envy your relaxed schedule, it seems its always moving here. Now in Tahiti, catching up on internet and boat repairs.

Wayne & Dana
SV Journey

Leslie said...

What is the purpose of a snubber and what is a rolling hitch?

yfs (landlubber)

s/v Skylark said...

Love all your photos and comments on this latest blog. Looking forward to catching up with you at some point.

Madeline said...

Hi all!
Dana & Wayne... We're tracking you in the Pacific and have decided that what binds us no matter where we sail is the the constant search for internet and boats bits! Very sad to hear about the demise of your MacBook Pro - my ancient MacBook Pro died the same death in Grenada and all I can tell you is I have a great guy back in the states who can replace the board for you : ) when you return in a few years!

Leslie... the snubber is the line tied from the boat to the anchor chain; it keeps the chain from tugging on the windlass mechanism (google it!) and jerking the boat. The rolling hitch is the type of knot I tie in the line around the chain. It won't slip and it's easy on the chain. I use that rather than going through a single link and potentially weakening a link.

Elizabeth, Ed & Luna... We saw Luna looking for a ride in your blog... tell her she can always come ride with us! We miss her... um, and you and Ed too : ). Good to hear you're having fun in Bonaire.

Jim and Judy said...

Hi Madeline and Skip, Getting back to a new normal and catching up with your great blog. Its lovely to see you again.

Jim Stansberry