Friday, December 11, 2015

Placeholder Post

Well hi there. We're back. We're getting off to a slow start this year which accounts for the very late first blog post, as well as the "Placeholder Post" title. I wanted to at least get something posted to say that we're back on board and also to make sure I don't forget how to put up a blog post. And why not start with a pretty sunset shot from our first night anchored out in Jolly Harbor?

Oooooh..... ahhhhhh..... 
After a few nights in the marina getting shipshape, we spent probably too many nights anchored out in Jolly Harbor. But, as always, with friends around we find it hard to come up with reasons to move along too quickly.

We've been spending time with friends on Absaroque, Brisa, Worry No More, Golden Fleece and Triple Cream. Some we've know for years now and others we're getting to know since we all seem to be hanging around and pondering where (or if) to go.

Denise and JP from Absaroque
David and Jennifer with THE fuzziest dog out here, Crew. 
We did manage to go north to Deep Bay for a few days with everyone else, but other than that we've been well anchored.

Absaroque has since left for St Martin with plans to come back this way; Brisa and Triple Cream have headed south for a brief stay in Guadeloupe. We've extracted promises from everyone to bring us French cheeses. That's what friends are for, right?

Saralane and friends in Deep Bay, Antigua
Back in Jolly Harbor, daily trips to our favorite tiny little beach around the corner from the anchorage kept us occupied. The water is in the low 80's which is warmer than usual for this time of year, which makes me happy.

John on the beach, Skip in the water
On the hillside at the beach, a bird's nest in a prickly spot
Prickly pear
Not only are we off to a slow start on the big boat, but we're off to a slow start on the little boat. We let John run out of gas and had to flag down the dock master in his dinghy to give us a tow to the fuel dock. Oops.

Mildly embarrassing to us but pretty amusing to anyone watching.
We've moved a notch north along the coast to Five Islands for the peaceful anchorage and blazing fast open wifi. It looks good for a trip to Barbuda today or tomorrow so there may be Barbuda shots for the next post. However, I'm reserving the right to back up and cover things I've skipped in my effort to get started here. That's it for the moment.... see you back here soon!


Leslie said...

How in the world do they get that large dog on that small boat?


Kim said...

Welcome home, Maddie and Skip! I look forward to seeing what the new year brings. I also miss you, Maddie, being here in Pittsburgh with me! It's not winter yet (69 on Sunday, but who cares about global warming?), but I am looking forward to the holiday break from Dec 24 to Jan 4. No work for me. Yay! Keep your lovely pics coming. Miss you! xoxoxox

P.S. You COULD have a kitty on board if a dog THAT BIG is not a

Skylark's Voyage said...

Welcome back to the world of blogging, Maddie and Skip. You've been missed! Like the two previous comments, I'm intrigued by that enormous and darling dog! Your photos are always wonderful and we remember very well the spectacular sunsets in Jolly Harbour.

danbarnardjr said...

Barbuda again? I'm shocked!

Rebecca said...

Just read this with Maya. She was good until the cactus pictures!

Lili said...

Hi Maddie, so glad you're back! Thanks for the lovely photos of Antigua and can't wait for the ones of Barbuda.

Dana Greyson said...

Hello from NZ!
Nice to click on your blog and find a new post. Good to hear you are out and about again. We're jealous that you are getting to go to Barbuda again. That was Dana's fav Island of all the Caribbean. Have fun!

Wayne & Dana
SV Journey

Kelley Albert said...

Nice to see you back online. Looking forward to your next adventures!

Tom Haut said...

It's great to see you are back in da Islands. Cheerful and colorful helps us north bound folks during these short days of winter. Although we've had an easy go of it so far. Have fun!

Madeline said...

Hello all! Thanks for chiming in here in the comments section. I really am working on a new post and will see about getting to it before the end of the year. Surprise, surprise... we're still in Antigua, so sadly, there will be no Barbuda photos in it. Enjoy your summery holidays up north!

Bob & Janice said...

glad to hear you had time with Denise & JP - two of our favorite couples together! Just wish we were there as well. Warm water sounds great even though on Dec 25th it was warm enough to not need a coat at all - yesterday it was in the high 60's -really crazy weather! I'm surprised that you haven't made it to Barbuda, but there is still time for that. Enjoy relaxing together as you have had enough time apart recently. Best wishes for the coming year!