Friday, January 22, 2016

Barbuda, short and sweet

Perfectly blue Barbuda
I had to start with the perfectly blue Barbuda photo - it's just how lovely and peaceful Barbuda feels  - but I couldn't resist including this next shot of the fishermen we saw on the way. The guy in the center is still in the Christmas spirit!

Santa? Or just a guy fishing in his Santa hat?

Fraction of a rainbow in the clouds above Coco Point
A walk around the beautiful ruins of the K Club

Slow moving squall
Happy feet

Lots of blue
The photos above, clockwise from top left are: me floating (my default position when we're here), Saralane behind the reef in Spanish Point, friends from s/v Brisa walking towards us on the beach, Brisa sitting quietly in Spanish Point as the squall passes.

 Simon and Hilda from Brisa, with visiting friend Pauline in the center

It was, as always a perfect stay in Barbuda. Hope these photos help those of you with the winter blues...


Cindy Barnard said...

Well....I hardly know what to say. I was telling a friend yesterday that I am one of those odd ball people who LIKE winter. I like the cold. I like the hunkering down. I like getting cozy at night by the wood stove. But these Barbuda pics? You're kinda messing with my head. Gorgeous. Groan. Really gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Love Barbuda. Miss Barbuda. Love you guys. Miss you guys.

It was a year ago this week we were there, wow, lots has happened in a year.


Madeline said...

OK Cindy..... all that talk about hunkering down and getting cozy by the fire sort of has me remembering one thing I liked about winter. But, I think it stops there! I like the IDEA of winter though - that must count for something right?

To the Ruffians.... Maybe we walked in your year old footprints on Barbuda? Albeit much later in the day than you would have made them. We really miss you guys too. There's been a big Ruffian shaped hole in the Caribbean since you left last spring. We'll try to keep you topped up with Barbuda photos...

danbarnardjr said...

Look! George Washington is looking down at your partial rainbow!

Dana Greyson said...

Love the Barbuda pics... as always beautiful.

*wonders where the Ruffians are now*

Bob & Janice said...

Barbuda - what can be said - your photos do it all (at least for all of us that are not lucky enough to be there with you!)