Friday, December 30, 2016

Out of Practice

Hi there. Remember us? It's been a while. I'm a little rusty on the blogging front but I'll give it my best and ask in advance for forgiveness for the super short post.

If this were a usual year we'd be afloat again and enjoying the company of the floating community in the Caribbean.... but it's not a usual year for a pretty cool reason. We're about to be grandparents!

Yikes. Yay! Crikey. Really? Cool. Whoa. Wow!

Yep - Skip's daughter Eliza, who was married last October, is about to have a baby. As in tomorrow. So no photos of blue Caribbean water in this post. Just this photo of what we see each evening up here in wintery Newport.

Stay tuned for incredibly sappy gushy post with baby photos coming soon.... and stayed tuned a few weeks more for photos of lovely blue Caribbean waters. We're planning to return to Saralane after we kiss baby fingers and toes for a few weeks.

Happy new year all!


Lili said...

Hi Madeline,
so great to hear from you again. Congratulations for a grandchild! What a great reason for missing out on a bit of Caribbean.
Wish you all a great year 2017 - how could it not be good if it already starts like this.
Lili & Tomaz

clay said...

Hi Skip&Madeline

Congratulations on new grandchild.

Have fun.