Sunday, August 14, 2011

Abandoned Ship

It was indeed a few hot sweaty days in the boatyard… but in the end we had Saralane put to bed for the next few months. We cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. And cleaned. The interior will get HOT over the next few months with the boat closed up, so we opened up all the cupboards and floorboards, tipped up cushions, pulled clothes out of hanging lockers to let the air circulate and we covered the hatches and windows with foil to cut down on the light and heat.
Work in progress
We made roach cookies - in case we have unexpected guests - and distributed them throughout the boat. A little sugar, a little flour, a little milk and a lot of boric acid. I leave the boric acid out of my cookies when I have invited guests.

We met up with a few kindred souls doing the same hot sweaty work on their boats in the yard and in the evenings we’d gather to relax, eat and drink. 

How to tell where the party is.
Clockwise from left: Greg, Ann, Rick, Barb and Skip - enjoying Greg and Barb's feast on Spitfire. 
Our plan was to get started working early enough each day to get some things done before the heat kicked in, but since the boat started to bake at about 6:30 each morning, it turned out to be a lousy plan. Instead, we sweated a lot, drank lots of water and walked to the closest beach at the end of each day to cool off.

Boatyard early morning
Where's the beautiful blue water?!
 Our last look at Saralane before we headed for the ferry....

We'll be back, but for now we're headed north to see family and friends and tend to a few things. If anything merits a blog post before we're back in the islands in the fall, I'll put up a post. Oh... and maybe we'll finally get that "before and after" blog done to show all the work we did on the boat! 

Finally... one last reminder of how beautiful it is out here.................................................................................


Miles said...

I'm looking for something positive to say about the pictures. It's hard to be impressed by the boatyard after 6 months of carribean water. Uuuhm, nice foil job on the windows!! How was that?

Miles said...

Aaaaaaah... So much better. Thanks for the dessert picture Maddy.

Bob & Janice said...

Great posting as usual. I will be careful if you offer us any cookies in the future!! Now we know what we should have done to Tsamaya before we left her - your pointers are just alittle too late for us - we will see how we managed with our preparations! Hope to see you in Newport

Sunny said...

Welcome back. hope to see you in Little Rhody soon. Did you bring Irene up with you?- Leslie Lindeman aka Sunny

Madeline said...

HI all - Thanks for sticking with us this past year. We'll be back in the water in the fall so check back!

Seems our brilliant plan to avoid hurricanes by coming north wasn't successful.... I hope it wasn't us that brought Irene here!

Tsamaya - It'll be great to see you in Newport! I'll bring the cookies (ha!). I have a feeling both Tsamaya and Saralane will need a little airing out after being closed up for a few months. Oy.

tammy kennon said...

Hey, Maddy! I can't find your email address. Please contact me here:

I've nominated you for the 7 Links project and need to send you info.


Anonymous said...

Great trip,I look forward to your fall pictures.

Merrie Bergmann said...

Hi Maddy,

Phil was right -- your blog is FUNNY as well as eloquent, and the pics are great. I'll look forward to following you and Skip as you continue your adventures!


Miles said...

anybody out there?