Saturday, December 10, 2011

We’re back!

I have lots of creative excuses why I haven’t done a blog post since we returned to Saralane a few weeks ago…. but I’m pretty sure no one wants to hear them so I’ll just jump right in. I wanted to start with a beautiful shot of us in the water in a lovely anchorage at sunset, but this is what there was to see and do when we got back….

Taping and repainting Saralane's bright green bootstripes

Ta da!!!
Sanding before repainting the bottom
Safety first!
Boatyard Gothic?

Ta da! (part 2)
Putting the mainsail back on
Varnishing the wood on the cockpit table

Our spinnaker needed an airing out before repacking 
Pack away provisions
Paint, scrape, sand, varnish, stow, pack spinnaker, unpack main…. etc. The boatyard got crazy with bugs by about 2:00 each day, so we’d get an early start and finish before we got devoured by no see ‘ums.

There weren't any bugs at the bar by the boatyard so this was our view each day after work was done.

Then – moving day! Skip had big plans for fixing the centerboard pennant that snapped way back in the Bahamas (see 'Centerboard Fix' March 2011), but it turned out not to be so simple. So, we’ll remain a fixed shallow draft boat until we’re out of the water again with some time to spare and some bigger tools.

Two heads are better than one.... Maurice and Skip secure the centerboard in the UP position

Freshly painted Saralane getting wet
And since I hate to leave you thinking that it's all work and no play.... here's our first stop after getting back in the water. Saba Rock in North Sound Virgin Gorda (see 'One Last Hurrah' August 2011). 

There's lots more to show and tell, but since it took me so long to do this first post, it's long enough already. More soon (really!)....


Cindy Barnard said...

"Ha! Beat you, Miles."

Wow that looked like a lot of days of work for you to get Saralane back in the water. You need a vacation. Oh wait, you are on a vacation. And it looks beautiful, gorgeous, tropical, warm. Sigh.
P.S. Our menorah and candles are poised for the big day. As is our Christmas tree, still out in the yard. It's a two-fer!

Linda said...

Glad you're back in the water. Been checking the blog frequently since you went back. It's 22 degrees here today. Yikes!! LOVE the 'Boatyard Gothic'....classic!

Miles said...

Aaah, beaten by my mother... Let's see, August 12 to Dec. 10...Carry the 1... 17 weeks!? I've checked the blog a couple times in there... Glad you're back, my expectations are soaring!

Eliza said...

SO happy to see a new blog post!! I really liked the picture "Boatyard Gothic".. very funny :)

Skype soon!
Love, Lize

Leslie said...

Nice work on the green stripes! Glad to see you're back in the water. What's the temperature like (air and water)? I'm looking forward to some underwater photography this year.

Let me know if you're near a webcam.


Penelope said...

Glad you are back online. Your blog is one of my guilty pleasures. I need to check what's going on in the Caribbean as well as CNN, MSN, and to be able to start the day. Plus, I need the vicarious tropical warm as I sit in 30-something degree New England !

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhhhh( or in Swedish ) åhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! It lookes like warm weather!!! You got some great pic there Maddie!!! But we are the one piece and glases when you are painting!!! BIG HUGS!!! From Snowbird

Anonymous said...

Iam under the impression you two weren't properly suited up for sanding bottom paint.

Take care clay

Madeline said...

Hi all! It's good to be back.... and nice to know we were (well at least the BLOG was) missed!

Cindy and Miles.... no bickering now. Linda - thought you'd like the Gothic shot! Lize - thanks for taking care of the house : ) Les - I'll give web cam alerts. Penelope! So glad to see you here again - we're honored to be one of your daily fixes!

Awww.... Swedish kids Martin and Jo - we miss you guys (stana boaten?!).

And Clay? You have a computer?! It's great to see you here!

Our internet has been pretty intermittent (that's one of my not so creative excuses) so the blog is already getting behind. I'll do a BIG post soon...

Cindy Barnard said...

Oh my....Maddie these are exceptional photos. Not to mention that I can almost feel the tropical air hovering over that amazingly blue water. Loved your high-wire pics. Be safe, have fun, keep on eye on those squid babies. Hug my brother for me. L, Cin