Sunday, March 2, 2014

Stuck in Carriacou

First, thanks for all the suggestions about my computer and how I might be able to continue the blog without it. From George, a good tip on where to get it fixed. From Tom, a suggestion to bypass the computer completely, pull out paper and pen and crayons (for all those Caribbean blues) and get back to basics. It's not a bad idea and I'm tempted. My Mac works very randomly (emphasis on very) so I'm speed blogging here before it decides to quit on me again.

Now, where was I? Oh yes, in Carriacou. Yep, we're still here in Carriacou though we had every intention of being in southern Grenada by now. You know how things go...  you have plans to sail to another island and you make one more stop ashore to get some things and as you tie up to the dinghy dock you say "Hey honey, watch out for that big space in the dock" and he says "Yes, I see it" and then proceeds to put his foot through the big space and ends up at the doctor's office after limping for three days on the leg that went through the big space.

Skip with the good doc....
Skip on the bad dock
We ended up at Doctor Freddy's and he confirmed nothing broken or torn, just strained and in need of rest and some of this topical ibuprofen that comes in a very visually descriptive box.

Lucky for us, we were able to reconnect with our friends Tony and Judy and their visitor Susie aboard s/v Lime'n and Tony prescribed some additional internal medication for us all that he mixed like the expert he is.

Tony "I'm not a real doctor but I play one on Lime'n" mixes things up
We hadn't seen Tony and Judy since Mustique where we were graciously included in an invitation to have drinks with friends of theirs at the lovely private villa Indigo which overlooked the windward side of the island.

Flashback....Tony and Judy take in the view on Mustique a few weeks ago
The foot-through-the-dock incident happened almost a week ago and Skip's feeling much better though he milked the sympathy bit long enough for me to do a few of the dirty jobs while he lazed in the cockpit with a book.

Scraper, sandpaper, scrubby pad, snorkel and fins.... I'm off to clean the prop!
I skipped over a lot when my Mac first crashed so here's a look at the Tobago Cays where we spent a few very windy rocky nights anchored behind the reef.

Palms on Jamesby Island
Carriacou sloop "Beauty" sailing through. That's Saralane, second from the right. 
BIG conch 
Little conch
Swimming with the turtles and sea stars
A handful of beach
John H alone on the beach
It's a pretty spot but it was incredibly windy when we were here and swimming off the boat wasn't really an option without getting bashed around in the waves. 

I probably shouldn't push my luck here and should post this blog before my computer goes on the fritz again, so one last photo and I'll keep my fingers crossed that I'll get a few more random uses out of this machine before it's all over. 

Tyrrel Bay Carriacou.... we're the white boat.


Clay said...

Sorry to see Skip at the doctors office. Looks like he will get well soon. On a more serious note I read an article in the WSJ this morning about mosquito bites transmitting a virus called chikungunya. Hopefully you are aware of this and are taking precautions.

take care Clay

Madeline said...

Hi Clay.... The captain is doing well, thanks. The news about chikungunya is all over the Caribbean, with signs and warnings. We often see workers fogging along the shorelines and in the mangrove areas. Funny... French SXM confirms many cases of the virus, but Dutch SXM says 'Mosquitos? What mosquitos!?' Hmmm....

Miles said...

Well I guess we better pack and extra can of 'Off'. Watching a snowstorm outside (another snowstorm) but not worked up since we will be on STJ in 5 days. Hope the Cap's knee is continuing to get better. A pegleg would really mark up the deck. And make it hard to wear fins...

Kim said...

Maddie - you had responded to an email, but I hadn't seen your blog to know that Skip had been hurt. Glad to know he's feeling better. :-) I must say that my trip to where you are now is such a cherished memory. Tobago Cays was the prettiest place I had ever seen. Gotta fix the computer thing, 'cause we need to know and SEE where you you!