Monday, April 21, 2014







I don't think I can overstate how much we love it here. If you've been traveling along with us then you know all about Barbuda by now.... the miles of powder soft beaches, the clearer than clear water, the haunting remains of the K Club... I'm at a rare loss for words here so the photos will have to do.

As much as it feels like time is standing still in Barbuda.... it's not, so after too few days anchored off Coco Point we headed back to Antigua to clear out and get underway to St Barth's. The forecast was for high winds and big seas and we had both.

Leaving Jolly Harbor with squalls all around

Big seas. BIG seas. Happily, they were following seas.
We spent two nights anchored in Columbier on the northwest tip of St Barth's waiting for some moderation in the wind and sea conditions and were lucky to have found ourselves in a good spot to watch some of Les Voiles de St Barth's racing going on that weekend. Gustavia was packed full of yachts for the races and it seemed that even some of the big motor yachts couldn't bear the rolling in the anchorage there and came over to Columbier for calmer conditions.
Hanging with the big boys in Columbier

Racing upwind
Slipping behind the waves
The high winds and big seas were still in force during our sail from St Barth's to St Maarten and made our downwind trip fast. Squalls slipped past us giving us a little extra wind, but we managed to stay dry. 

Squall and big waves between St Barth's and St Maarten
Tomorrow we tuck Saralane into a slip for a week and fly to St Croix for a visit with Skip's family. One last chore here in St Maarten before we go is to take my ailing MacBook to the Mac magician here and hope for the best. Fingers crossed.


danbarnardjr said...

So what's with the water shoe?

Madeline said...

Hi Dan.... The photo was meant to be more about the branch with the 1" thorns on it that's stuck to the bottom of the shoe, than about the shoe itself. I can tell you from personal experience how much it hurts to have one of those thorns stuck in your foot. (See you in St Croix tomorrow!)

Cindy Barnard said...

Breathtaking. Really. I am beyond excited to see you tomorrow.

Janice said...

Thanks for clarifying the shoe - I wasn't sure if it was thorns or a walking stick! I guessed thorns - I know the pain from experience - yikes!
Beautiful photos as always - I never seem to be able to capture the waves like you do! You really do a great job of selling Barbuda - you might not want to do it too well or you may wind up with a crowd!