Friday, June 20, 2014

Long Time No Blog

We've done a lot of traveling since our last blog from Barbuda - both on Saralane and by air. But first, to bring you up to date on the IT front, the Mac magicians in St Maarten were not able to help, so we are limping along on my wimpy PC - that in spite of its shortcomings - works. Mr. Mac is now in the hands of a new Mac magician stateside who may be able to resuscitate, but a final repair decision has yet to be made.

After a season of few itineraries, we found ourselves balancing schedules and timing for much of April and May.  My mom (Kathy) turned 90 in early June and we celebrated in St Croix. Last year's trip to the Buccaneer was to celebrate my dad's 90th and this year we were invited again, along with my sister Cindy and husband Dan, for a week stay there to celebrate again.  A quick flight from St Maarten to St Croix - thank you Liat - and we were in a king size bed, had endless hot water, and were waited on hand and foot.

All of us... Maddie, Me, Mom, Dad, Cindy and Dan

Me, Mom, Cindy, & Dad

Cindy & Me
For a long time, Mom & Dad have booked their Buccaneer stay in late April and coincidentally, partners Tom & Giovanni also book the same period. Over the years they became acquaintances, and now are very good friends.  An unlikely foursome, but happily times are a-changin'.

Tom & Giovanni

Mom and Dad & "The Boys"

Helping hands
Almost 90!

Who is missing?

The birthday girl gets her cake
All in all it was a relaxing week with family, but now time to get back aboard and continue with our schedule.  My daughter Eliza was arriving in the BVI in a week and we also wanted to connect with Dave & Wendy, friends who were beginning a charter in the BVI. As soon as we got back to St Martin we cleared out of the Dutch side, checked out of the marina and moved across the Lagoon to the French side. To do so we made our first passage through the new causeway bridge that bisects the Lagoon. Very cool LED lighting at night!

Much better at night!
We promptly headed across Anegada Passage to Virgin Gorda - unfortunately the forecast was for light winds directly behind us. The trip was made easily in daylight and we dropped the hook behind Eustatia Island for the night, then cleared in at Gun Creek in Virgin Gorda. Once again we confirmed that the ocean is indeed fished out of mahi and tuna. 

Leaving Marigot at dawn

About 13 hours under power - the dreaded Anegada Passage
Dave & Wendy had just picked up their giant charter cat and met us at Mountain Point for the night before they collected their family/guests.

D & W's BIG cat dwarfs Saralane in the background
Evening  sky in Mountain Point... a change in the weather?
Eliza was arriving in West End on the Jet Blue red eye from Boston in two days time, so we meandered to Tortola via Benure's Bay at Norman Island - a favorite spot. It had not rained significantly for months and on the morning Eliza was due to arrive, we awoke to torrential rains that continued all that day and into the next. A lousy way for Lize to start her holiday, but things improved quickly and were more in keeping with the BVI.

Snorkeling the Caves at Norman Island
And the weather got better
Prickley Pear Beach
Eustatia Sound
YCCS at North Sound
This is what happens after a week in the BVI

After a great week, we put Eliza on the ferry back to St Thomas and home - then we had to hustle to our next scheduled activity - namely I was to deliver an Outbound back to RI while Maddie held the fort down in Nanny Cay marina where friends Ted & Claudia (and kids Max & Anya) work and live aboard.

After returning from the delivery, we left Nanny Cay, cleared out of the BVI and spent a week over in Francis Bay, St John. More about the delivery and Nanny Cay later. Hopefully this hasn't been to much of a travelogue, but it brings us fairly up to date. These images, from our vantage point in Francis Bay in St John, were taken within moments of each other as the sun set. Definitely a better view than in the HOT marina...


Cindy Barnard said...

Whoa!!! This was a GREAT post. Good job, Captain Skip! And, as an aside....spectacular photos...whoever may have taken those. I love the pic of you and me....I need that one. And the one of you and Dad and Mom going into the water at the Grotto. Need that one too. This really was a great catchup post. And the last late day sky photos were amazing.

David Liegeot said...

Great to see what you've been up to since we left! Those first couple of days of bad weather were rough but glad for the both of us it got better! Looks like Eliza had a great vacation! Thanks for the pic of Wendy dropping the anchor! Hopefully we can catch up a little in Annapolis and maybe even NYE back in BVI. It really was great to see you guys! Have fun!