Saturday, March 4, 2017

Where to begin?

Barbuda! Where else is there to begin?

It's seriously beautiful here and of course, it was the first place we sailed after launching Saralane a few weeks ago. I'll back up a bit though...

After we launched, Skip came down with a nasty bug and spent about 3 days sleeping off a fever and exhaustion. Not to be left out, I wrenched something in my right shoulder and wobbled around the boat doing whatever small things I could do without using my right arm or moving too much at all. So it was a bit of a rough start after being away from the boat so long. Saralane was in better shape than either of us with just a few creaks and groans (or was that us making those noises) as she got going again.

Once we were feeling better, we got ourselves away from the dock in Jolly Harbor, spent a night in Five Islands and a night in Deep Bay, then right up to Barbuda where we were in the good company of Gordon and Louise on Coho, Paul and Janie on Shian and after a few days, Alistair and Esther on Cranstackie who had just sailed in from Nevis. 

Viewed from the fort in Deep Bay, we watched this cruise ship depart dwarfing a tanker in the distance
Also viewed from the fort - tiny people at the surf's edge in Deep Bay
There was a significant north swell running which would have made Coco Point a very uncomfortable anchorage so we opted to head straight to Gravenor Bay where we've spent some pretty perfect days and nights over the years. Coho looks content here even with stormy skies and a strange southerly wind blowing.

Coho in Gravenor Bay
Instead of hiking the windward beach off Spanish Point, we walked along the road toward Coco Point (referred to as "a road of sorts" on an old chart we have) and I was mildly inspired to resurrect my flora and fauna work.

Sharp flora, courtesy of Mother Nature
Imitation sharp stuff, inspired by Mother Nature
All I got for fauna is the requisite donkey photo
The "road of sorts"
We've been curious about any changes that might be happening at the defunct K Club, where we love to wander around and collect coconuts and take photos. On our walk we passed the old entrance to the resort which didn't look any different at all, so it would seem progress is slower than anticipated in the takeover and revamping of the property.

Back to the beach where John H waited to ferry us home after our walk.
This is where I leave you with more photos of Barbuda, because that's all you really want right? Me too....

View from Coco Point - Antigua is waaaaay in the distance

View from Gravenor Bay - Antigua again just visible in the distance (to the right of the rain)
New signs popped up here and there at the K Club - STAY OUT! No more coconuts for us.

John H waits for us on the beach at Coco Point
Because nothing lasts forever, even Barbuda visits, we pulled up the anchor and made our way back to Antigua. It was a squally ride back but we sailed in and found more friends in the anchorage at Jolly Harbor which cheered us. We caught up with Simon & Hilda on Brisa as well as Tim & Nancy on Larus and Tom & Leslie on Farhaven. Brisa is hauling out soon, but Larus and Farhaven are both headed west and we'll see more of them as we move along. We're loaded up with food and water again and planning to head toward St Martin tomorrow. The winds and seas have been fierce and it seems it's the best opportunity we'll have to move for a while.

Squalls all around
So, no more Barbuda photos for a while, but I'll leave you with a few more flora shots I got on my daily walks around Jolly Harbor. The almond tree is definitely feeling the wind!

Pretty bougainvillea
Almond tree feeling the breeze
We're keeping our fingers crossed that our fishing luck has improved in our absence so perhaps there will be a fish photo or two in the next blog? Or is it bad luck to even mention it? I suppose we'll find out.


Skylark's Voyage said...

Love your photos, as usual. With the temperatures here in Maine obscenely cold, and the wind chill (40 mph) adding insult to injury, I find myself green with envy for the life you're leading and the one we left behind. Spring better hurry up or I just might have to rethink this land-dwelling business. Hope you are both back to normal health and body-wise and feeling fit as fiddles.

Leslie said...

Love the photos from Coco Points t. Especially the one captioned "View from Coco Point - Antigua is waaaaay in the distance".

Pratique said...

Ditto on the obscene cold, here in Killington VT! Think "sun is out but you can't feel it." Thanks for reminding us of our "warm" memories of Barbuda!